Thursday, 30 January 2014

A New Gothic Heroine Alert! Aurora Grimeon - 'Will o' the Wisp' Review

Still from the novel

Genre: Graphic Novel/Paranormal
Story by: Tom Hammock
Art by: Megan Hutchison
Publisher: Archaia Entertainment
Publication date: 28 January 2014
Reading level: Young adult
Total pages: 216
Cover price: $24.95 US

A couple of days back I received an email asking me if I would be interested in reviewing a new graphic novel. Although I do not read such genre of books but the summary and the idea of this dark goth inspired graphic novel excited me and I gladly accepted the offer.

Will o' the Wisp is a story of a young girl named Aurora. Although she is just twelve years old, there is no trace of naivety in her character. The story revolves around this heroine who is orphaned after her parents died from mushroom poisoning. She is then sent to her estranged grandfather in a place called Ossuary Isle. It doesn't take much time for her to realize that this new found family and her new home is a bit unusual. Filled with graveyards, it is a spooky environment to be in and she is sure that she does not fit in but once she gets the lay of the land and understand the local traditions with the help of a nearby Hoodoo woman, she realizes that not only she likes it there but wants to help get rid of the souls that haunts the place. Joined with her grandfather pet raccoon named Missy (which is an exciting addition to the story), Aurora pushes herself in the middle of the mystery uncovering secrets after mysterious ghostly things starts happening in the island.
Still from the novel

The story is pretty engaging and very original, although it lacks depth and it is hard to understand how such a young girl of age twelve can very well accept her parents death and adjust to all those deaths happening around her. There were times when I personally felt that the story jumped to an another level all of a sudden leaving me behind. It's marvelous how the characters in the book quickly show their different personalities and grow themselves.

When it comes down to the illustrations, it matched with the story and the atmosphere perfectly. The entire book has a dark, goth feel to it due to Hutchinson color palette. As someone who has never been to this place, I felt like I could picture this very well in front of my eyes. The characters are very well illustrated too especially Aurora who is often seen wearing skirts and knee socks (dresses like a goth). In a nutshell, the illustrations gave the story a perfect atmosphere and is the only reason it kept me hooked on till the very end.

Overall it is a good story with some wonderful graphics and I would say there would be people who would love this book but I won't be one of them. I liked the book but did not absolutely loved it. There is a lot of room for improvement in the novel. I enjoyed reading but it did not completely blow me away.

Till the end of the story, there are a lot of dead bodies which might scare small kids. Plus some explanation of science and hoodoo can get complicated for young kids. 

Stars I would like to give: 3/5

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Princess Warrior

Once upon a time
when the skies roared while the orchestra played
and the dark bellied clouds started pouring heavily down the land
of the royal blood, a princess was born.

With a silver spoon in her mouth, 
a diamond tiara adorns her head
black kohl defining her eyes, innocence in her words
she was unaware of the outside world.

Lived forever in a palace made of stones,
forever she was locked
as she was so loved and dear
that a scratch on her leg did worried the kingdom.

Growing up in a confined area was hard for her
for she wanted to fly, to explore the unseen land.
And then there came the day when she left for a journey
leaving the royal palace, now living in a glass fort.

The path to her transformation is lined up with fire but
she waits, she breathes and igniting the path
keeps on moving forward dodging the dragons
the change has begun.

From a princess, she is now a warrior,
all alone in the battlefield
no prince charming in shining armor to protect her
acting tough on the outside, her heart melts inside.

Diamonds in the sky now adorns her head
black kohl still defining her eyes
where this journey would take her is unknown
but she is ready with a silver sword beside.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Riding a wild horse

“Why worry about things you can’t control when you can keep yourself busy controlling the things that depend on you?” ~Unknown

We all want to feel like we’re in control of our life and are masters of our destiny.Think of a time when things started to feel out of control in your life.

 How did you feel?
 What did you do?
Did you do everything in your power to regain back the  control, and cling to the little bit of direction you had left?
Many people become consumed with what they can’t control and obsessed with making things different.

Be true to yourself:
When we focus on what is out of our control,  it prevents us from experiencing the beauty in the moment and having peace of mind. The more we try to control things, the less control we will experience on things. But before you let go of an emotional burden from your shoulders with a strong desire to control, it is very important to ask yourself a question: "Is this a situation I won't change or I can't change?"because those two are completely different terms.Sometimes we feel that things are out of our control but usually they aren't. People say, "I can't quit my job, I can't get into this college" Mostly, it's not what we can't but what we won't.

Look at the silver lining:
When we are not in control, it is human nature to feel disappointed and tend to look on what all are wrong and how terrible the present situation is. This is the time when you actually have to take a long deep breath and look at the silver lining among the darkest of clouds. By doing this, not only you would be able to weigh all the pros and cons more effectively but also would help in clear and proper decision making by not letting the situation control us.

Focus on what you can control:
Amidst all the chaos, all the confusion there would be a ray of hope, there would be something that you can have a control of, an alternative. Channelize all this energy, the one you spent stressing, decision making, ranting, finding out a way when there is none, to this alternative  because the energy you spend here will result into something productive.
Always remember,
there are some things that you cannot control in life, some circumstances you don't have the power to mold it in your way and the problem is not the thing that is out of your control. The problem is that you are trying to hold on to it and control it, when you really can't. Letting go is not a sign of weakness or giving up but rather accepting that there are things that cannot be.
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