Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Learn life lessons DAILY

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
-Mahatma Gandhi
"What did you learn at school today?" was the most common question asked by parents to you everyday. This helped you to let your mind go back from the beginning of the day to the end and recollect what all you learned and how knowledgeable you have become than a day ago. Learning is just not limited till the boundaries of the school. In fact, the greatest teacher is life itself. It teaches us things that no one else can and yet there are so many people who go through their life without asking themselves what have they learned today?

Life teaches us in the most unpredictable way possible, when you would least expect it. What really astonishes me is, these are lessons that you cannot learn otherwise. Not from movies, not from books but only if you experience it within yourself, when you could see it for yourself, when you could feel it.

I was out almost the whole day yesterday, lost in the city, trying to find out my way with a companion. Yes, we were on a mission but then what I went through the whole day was unexpected. I over think too much or I should say that I think way too deeply. I don't know whether that is a positive trait or not but then it makes me think about things that others may overlook. I'm though really grateful that I can slow down in life and appreciate the little things around me, could contemplate the beauty of life and always look at the brighter side of the world but then not most of the people around me can do that. Can YOU?

Ask yourself everyday before going to bed - "What did you learn today?"

Answering this can really change your life.

You will go through your entire day and recap your happenings, you shall think deeply and learn a lesson you would have overlooked it otherwise.

It would help you in learning from everything that you're experiencing.

It would help you stay positive throughout even in a difficult situation.

It would help you focus on your self-transformation and would allow you to develop more.
So, what did you learn today? Leave a comment below and let me know :)

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

When you can't express your feelings

Lately I have been running short of words on how do I exactly feel at the given moment. There is so much going on in my life and I seem to have mixed emotions regarding the same. Being quite busy these days, I did not even took out some time for myself to think over what exactly is going on in my life and why am I feeling this way. Tonight it rained and I love rain. So I spent some time watching the rain and thinking about the problems. Here is what I figured out:

We all want to stay happy throughout so when we feel confused or sad, we want to resolve it as soon as possible and feel better. We tend to convince ourselves that we are fine but in the long run it just keeps on making things worse.

While telling yourself that you're strong and fine is a great motivator, it actually tries to convince yourself that you're fine when you're clearly not and then that means you're lying to yourself when you already know the truth. It's stupid plus shoving your feelings away has never doing any good to anyone.

Accept your feelings
The first step in solving any problem is admitting that there is a problem. Get true to yourself and figure out exactly how you feel. Are you sad, angry, confused, nervous, scared?  Get your feeling out in front of you and admit that you feel them and you have already won half of the battle.

Find the source of this feeling
Figure out what led you to feel this way? Go back in time and find out. All feelings do have a source.

Take time
No feeling is permanent but it does take time to heal. Let your emotions take its course and soon it will pass.

But what if you know how you feel but you're not able to say it?

Why can't you ?

That is because you're scared of rejection and ending up alone that you would swallow up your feelings and won't let the other person know or you're hopeless about the situation and are convinced that no matter what you do or say, it won't make things better. These are the only reason I feel stops people to express their feelings to someone else.

Now since you know the reasons, don't fence yourself in. Stay Open. It's okay to be vulnerable. Stay honest and don't sugarcoat anything and let the magic happen *wink*.

Have you experienced such a time when you can't express yourself? What did you do?

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Are zoos cruel?

Growing up, visiting zoos was a regular activity. I have been always fascinated with the nature and its beings and an outing to the zoo meant closer interaction with animals for me and I loved it. Uhm, well not so now. I visited the zoo yesterday after almost more than a decade and being very up close and personal, I realized that those animals living there are in a miserable state. It became very clear to me at that very instance that they do not like to be in artificial environment and want to be set free. Zoos are imprisoning animals.

Zoo animals have limited and controlled freedom.They are separated from their natural family and reproduced in a controlled environment.The animals are getting held back because they are not allowed to run and jump around as they would in the wild. Their environment is an enclosed small space which has been built by man and not nature this means they are not as comfortable as they would be in the wild.

Zoos are meant to educate people about animals and conserve a particular specie. Talking about educating people about animals in zoos, we are in the 21st century where the entire knowledge of this world can be accessed in a click of a button. What do a caged animal completely out of context, completely out of its habitat teaches you about them? Go have an adventure in the Amazon forest or just Youtube it.

NEWS:  Killing of Marius, the Giraffe in a zoo.

These are the pictures I took in the zoo yesterday. I did not like what I saw yesterday. Caging animals for the entertainment of people. I did not realize this as a kid but yesterday opened my eyes. As a nature lover and an animal lover, I find this cruel. I do not wish to see them behind bars. What crime have they committed?

What are your views on this? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Rain Memoirs

(Since it is the valentines week, I decided to share this old poem that I wrote long back. Sharing it once again in this blog because this is one of my favorite :D )

When the sun goes down and the moon rise up,
shining in it's full glory is soon hidden by clouds.

When the dark gets darker and 
the rain starts to pour down.

and as the wind knocks at my window bringing with it the memories of us,
Like thirst is quenched it satisfies my soul

Tingling my skin the cool water casts it's spell over me.
Wishing you were here with me

to watch me still believe in fairy tales or maybe just replaying our past.
Seeing how the sky plays it's orchestra when we are together,

under the pouring rain
when it's just you and me.

I wish this happens,
The water of heaven washes off the dust from our lives

our future be as colorful as a rainbow....
and it would always be just you and me!

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Friday, 7 February 2014

Date a girl who writes

(Inspired by the Date a girl... series on the web)

Date a girl who writes. Date a girl who is a born storyteller and who understands both the depth or the simplicity in the words. Date a girl who loves using metaphors in her conversation making her seem sarcastic but it is usually her love of words.

You might find her in a library, coffee shop or in her room penning down her thoughts or typing it down in her laptop for convenience. No, don't look at her hands. They might not have that perfect manicure but with these very hands of her, she has created her own world of writing in which she will be ready to take you if you want her to.

The girl who has a collection of list at any instant. Things to do list, bucket list, books to read list and a list of quotes that inspires her. She will always find beauty in the things around her because she looks at the world from a different perspective.

Date a girl who writes, who spend her money on buying books and has her own library in her home. The one who complains on not having enough books, the one who does not have a single unread book in her purse.

Find a girl who writes for she is the one who thinks deeply about life. She doesn't let any day goes by without analyzing it. She may seem like a serious philosophical person but the truth is she picks up hints while the others have overlooked it. Learn from her, how to appreciate the smallest things in life. Date a girl who writes because she will know exactly when to speak and when to let the silence speak.

With this, she would love to read as she knows a good writer is also a good reader. She is inspired and moved by literature. Talk to her about this for she would feel satisfied and connected when someone talks to her about literature. When she is up at 3 am as she is furiously writing, let her. Get her a cup of coffee and hold her. You may lose her for a couple of hours but she will come back to you and will appreciate the way you understand her.

Date a girl who writes because she is the deep thinker, the lover of life. Leave her one-sentence love  notes in her purse. Smile when she has a writers block, spark the lit and inspire her. She will love you for life. Date a girl who writes because you won't be a character in her love story. You will be the love story. Date a girl who writes and your life will never be the same again.

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Monday, 3 February 2014

You're not alone, it just seems to be! : Overcoming Loneliness

Have you ever felt lonely or just out of place ? Did you ever lived with so many people around and still feel isolated ? Do you have to think whom to call to have a little chat even when you have around 200 contacts in your phone book ?

Loneliness happens to everyone at some time or another at various stages. As loneliness is described as a negative emotion, people experiencing it gets as blue as they can get feeling empty inside, walking with a shadowed face and spirit. 

1. Examine the what and the how:

Take your time, get your paper and a pen and write down why all of a sudden or not so sudden you are feeling lonely. What made you think this way ? Do your friends know that you are feeling blue or are they not calling you assuming that you're busy ? 

You may realize that you do have existing friends that do not even know you're lonely or someone that you considered a friend is not a friend at all which is nothing to care about. There are people who break our trust and violate our friendship but then it is important to forgive them for our own peace of mind and learn for the future. 

Repeat the same exercise in figuring out the 'how' of the loneliness. In other words, how do you want to interact with people ? In short, re introspect and write it down so you know yourself and the cause of this feeling a bit more better so that you can turn it around.

2. Go out and feel the sun:

Although you would really feel like locking yourself inside your room, curling up in bed and eat chocolates the whole day, that isn't going to help. Go out! Feel the sunshine, the dew drops on the grass. Hear the birds chirp and watch the flowers bloom. Nature is really a great anti-depressant and who knows you might find someone there to have a little chat with ;)

3. Talk to people:

If people aren't talking to you or doesn't seem to care, you initiate the step. Message an old friend and catch up in a cafe. Call a group of friends and have a Google hangout together. Join clubs and meet new people with similar interests. Try to sit with different people during lunch breaks. Make conversations, be curious of the other person and you will never be out of topics to talk on. You would realize that there are some amazing people out there that you never knew existed.

4. Do good, feel good:

Do something nice for someone you don't know whenever you can. Say hello to a stranger, open the door for the person in front of you. Take a step further by visiting an orphanage or a senior citizen home. You will be amazed by how wonderful you feel. Many of these people are indeed really lonely and it would brighten up their day as well as yours.

5. Stay Positive:

Understand that loneliness is just a feeling and not a fact. Loneliness is temporary. Even if smiling is the last thing you feel like, smile anyways. It would automatically boost up your spirits and would instantly make you feel better. Smile, stay positive and you would attract positive energy around you.

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