Monday, 17 February 2014

Are zoos cruel?

Growing up, visiting zoos was a regular activity. I have been always fascinated with the nature and its beings and an outing to the zoo meant closer interaction with animals for me and I loved it. Uhm, well not so now. I visited the zoo yesterday after almost more than a decade and being very up close and personal, I realized that those animals living there are in a miserable state. It became very clear to me at that very instance that they do not like to be in artificial environment and want to be set free. Zoos are imprisoning animals.

Zoo animals have limited and controlled freedom.They are separated from their natural family and reproduced in a controlled environment.The animals are getting held back because they are not allowed to run and jump around as they would in the wild. Their environment is an enclosed small space which has been built by man and not nature this means they are not as comfortable as they would be in the wild.

Zoos are meant to educate people about animals and conserve a particular specie. Talking about educating people about animals in zoos, we are in the 21st century where the entire knowledge of this world can be accessed in a click of a button. What do a caged animal completely out of context, completely out of its habitat teaches you about them? Go have an adventure in the Amazon forest or just Youtube it.

NEWS:  Killing of Marius, the Giraffe in a zoo.

These are the pictures I took in the zoo yesterday. I did not like what I saw yesterday. Caging animals for the entertainment of people. I did not realize this as a kid but yesterday opened my eyes. As a nature lover and an animal lover, I find this cruel. I do not wish to see them behind bars. What crime have they committed?

What are your views on this? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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  1. I am with you Sakshi.. I think zoos imprison animals that should be free to roam the earth. It's sad what we do to animals...

  2. nice post...

    please comment back :)

  3. There is an interesting point of view about zoo animals in the book "Life of Pi" - of course it is not emphasised in the movie. Do read the book.

    1. I did watch the movie though. I surely will. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  4. I've never liked zoos. I hate how they just take animals from their natural habitat! Even if it's 'for their safety'- I don't see how it's okay. There was a recent report in the news about a zoo that killed its own animals to feed to the others!

    Please visit my blog, too!

    1. I have mentioned that news link on my post above too. Cruelty it is.

  5. Wow...amazing really I like animal..keep in touch.

  6. When I was a child we used to visit the zoo about once a year, luckily the animals seemed to have more room to move in than the animals in your pictures.

    I do think that zoos are wrong. Even more so after visiting huge national wildlife parks in South Africa and seeing animals being protected, but still living in their natural environment.

    In my profile picture you may have noticed that I am petting a cheetah - it was not at a zoo!. We visited a cheetah rehabilitation center in South Africa and it was truly amazing. Their purpose was to help orphaned or injured cheetahs with the soul purpose of reintroducing them back into the wild. They also ran a breeding program for cheetahs as many are killed by farmers in South Africa and their numbers are dwindling alarmingly. That cheetah could not be released back into the wild and so was part of the breeding program.

    We also saw lion cubs that were being raised, so that when they were old enough they could be released back into the wild.

    The animals had plenty of natural habitat to roam on and most were kept away from the public, so they didn't become tame.

    I think it was seeing these animals being looked after and being raised to be re-released that made me realize how wrong zoos are. The cheetah farm had released something like 1000 cheetahs back into the wild, which is a brilliant thing.

    So whilst I don't agree with zoos I do agree with proper breeding programs and places that educate people on the importance of looking after wild animals in their natural environments.

    Sorry I have waffled on a bit, but your post got my fingers tapping.

    1. First of all, I would really thank you for sparing your time and expressing what you felt regarding the blog post. I very much appreciate that :)

      Sadly, I do not know of a rehabilitation center for animals near by where I live. This indeed is an excellent method to preserve and care for these animals and then let them be free in the open later. What matters is that they are care for and that their independence is respected.

      I hope we as humans do realize and understand that animals are not a source of entertainment and that they need to live in their natural habitat. I completely agree with you.

    2. Unfortunately there will always be those humans that are only out to make money and are not at all interested in the welfare of the animals.

      With today's technology webcams can probably be set up in the wild for us to be able to witness animals in their natural environment. A much better way to observe wild animals!

      I am sure that more and more people are realising that animals should not be kept in zoos and one day maybe we won't see animals cooped up in cages in zoos or in the circus.

    3. I loved the idea of installing webcams in different areas in the wild.

      Yes, awareness is high at this time than what was it years ago. I'm sure if like minded people come together and voice out their opinions, we can make a DIFFERENCE!


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