Saturday, 22 February 2014

When you can't express your feelings

Lately I have been running short of words on how do I exactly feel at the given moment. There is so much going on in my life and I seem to have mixed emotions regarding the same. Being quite busy these days, I did not even took out some time for myself to think over what exactly is going on in my life and why am I feeling this way. Tonight it rained and I love rain. So I spent some time watching the rain and thinking about the problems. Here is what I figured out:

We all want to stay happy throughout so when we feel confused or sad, we want to resolve it as soon as possible and feel better. We tend to convince ourselves that we are fine but in the long run it just keeps on making things worse.

While telling yourself that you're strong and fine is a great motivator, it actually tries to convince yourself that you're fine when you're clearly not and then that means you're lying to yourself when you already know the truth. It's stupid plus shoving your feelings away has never doing any good to anyone.

Accept your feelings
The first step in solving any problem is admitting that there is a problem. Get true to yourself and figure out exactly how you feel. Are you sad, angry, confused, nervous, scared?  Get your feeling out in front of you and admit that you feel them and you have already won half of the battle.

Find the source of this feeling
Figure out what led you to feel this way? Go back in time and find out. All feelings do have a source.

Take time
No feeling is permanent but it does take time to heal. Let your emotions take its course and soon it will pass.

But what if you know how you feel but you're not able to say it?

Why can't you ?

That is because you're scared of rejection and ending up alone that you would swallow up your feelings and won't let the other person know or you're hopeless about the situation and are convinced that no matter what you do or say, it won't make things better. These are the only reason I feel stops people to express their feelings to someone else.

Now since you know the reasons, don't fence yourself in. Stay Open. It's okay to be vulnerable. Stay honest and don't sugarcoat anything and let the magic happen *wink*.

Have you experienced such a time when you can't express yourself? What did you do?

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  1. I like your common sense approach toward dealing with your feelings.

    1. Comes with experience. Dealing with emotions and feelings always seems the hardest things to do for people.

  2. Sakshi, lately that is all I do... I put on a good front because I don't think people could handle all the sadness I have inside. I do talk to some people but I never fully open up. I know why, it was because I opened myself up fully and gave my whole self to what I felt was exactly where I should be and that fell apart and now I don't trust that it will be any different. I do keep trying though, you write with such inciteful meaning... I am always moved...

    1. As I mentioned, it is very important to open up. Agreed with the fact that it makes you vulnerable and you can get hurt easily but what is life without taking any chances? Plus all people are not the same and not expressing how you feel can bottle you up inside. Speak out :)

      and thank you so much. I'm glad I could make an impact.


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