Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Date a girl who takes photographs

(Inspired by the Date a girl... series on the web)
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Date a girl who takes photographs. Date a girl who is a natural story teller and weaves her story from the photos she takes. Date a girl whose favorite sound is the 'click click' of the shutter of her camera.  Date a girl whose favorite necklace pendant is of the shape of a camera. Date a girl who sees the wonder in simple things and tries to make you see a bit of herself in the shots she takes. Date a girl who looks at the world in wonder.

You might find her in the park lost behind the lens as she blurs the rest of the world around her. With a camera around her neck or in her hands, she won't whine about how her favorite pair of jeans got ruined as she kneels down to get a better angle of her subject. She is the one who  walks slowly for she never rushes, fearing she might miss something beautiful. Or you might find her sitting down with a photo magazine while she appreciates all the hard work that has gone through in taking those perfect snaps.

For dates take her out to photo walks instead of some fancy restaurant. Laugh and playfully fight while she tries to take a candid picture of you. Give honest feedback when she asks about the pictures she took. Feel the pictures as she shows them to you with the childlike innocence in her eyes. Tell her you love her repeatedly until she comes back from her world of photographs and then kiss her when she lifts her head from the camera.

Take pictures of her without her knowledge.Compile them and gift it to her on her birthday. Listen to her ideas on the way back to home and once you reached home, change your Facebook picture into the one she clicked that day. She silently hoped for it.

Date a girl who takes photographs because she will never be afraid to go for any adventure. She likes to stay out and feel the sunshine. Her biggest inspiration being the nature. Date a girl who takes photographs as she will teach you how to look at the world with a whole new perspective everyday and will do it unknowingly.

Date this girl and your life will never be the same again.

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  1. Sakshi, I love this series... so many reasons for me to want to start taking more photos... I want to be that girl for the guy I am with :)

    1. Launna, you're beautiful in your own way. I'm sure your guy feels lucky to have you in his life. You're amazing! <3

  2. Why not date a guy whose more or less d same...

    1. Yes, why not? I wrote this while keeping the 'date a girl' series in mind.

  3. Hi Sakshi,

    What a lovely write up! :) Kinda adventure reading through the thoughts too.

    A girl who appreciate imperfect little things and loves adventure? Why not ;)

    Have a fabulous weekend!


    1. I'm glad that you liked it!
      Have a great week! :)


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