Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lessons a dog can teach you in life

This is Scruffy, my 3-and-a-half-year-old dog who is the love of my life. He is the most adorable, cute, lovable dog in the entire universe. He is the silver lining among the darkest clouds in my life. He has also taught me lessons. He is one of my greatest teacher.

If you're willing to let them in your life, in your personal space and be a part of you personal development team, here are some things that dogs could teach you. These are the things that Scruffy taught me in all these years.

1.Be excited about everything. EVERYTHING!:
Everything is exciting from Scruffy's point of view. The postman on the door? Exciting! An old block of wood? Wow, it is a new toy. A mysterious noise coming from outside? Time to peek from the window!

In life, be excited about everything and anything. Don't miss out on opportunities. Immerse yourself in. Don't hold back. You never know what the next opportunity may bring you. Let it surprise you.

2. Live in the moment:
This is simple! Dogs do not regret about their past or worry about their future. They simply live in the moment.If we can learn how to appreciate and focus on what is happening right now, our lives would be indeed better.

3.Action speaks louder than words:
Dogs can't talk but that does not mean that they cannot communicate. The gleam in their eyes, wagging of the tail and the different types of barks are all they need to get their point across and that is all you need to know.

4.Don't take things for granted:
As humans, we often take things for granted. On the other hand, dogs seems to find joys in the smallest of things. A walk in the park, a doggy treat, belly rubs or even an old ball to play with.

5. Responsibility:
Dogs are often brought into homes to teach children responsibility and it is true. This cute little ball of fur is not a soft toy that you can play with and leave him alone. He would come back to you with his little paws, he will bark, he will pee and poo and failing to understand this would cause a disaster.

6. Loyalty:
Have you ever seen a dog trying to go home with a different owner at a park? Have you noticed that dogs always seems to cling with their own owners?

In the eyes of a dog, his/her owner is the greatest ever and he/she will never betray them.

No matter, what the owner did, good or bad. The dog always sticks by his/her side.

7. Unconditional love:
This is the most important of them all. What is better than returning from the grocery shop and feeling like a warrior coming home after a war? Dogs will love you always, unconditionally and also apologetically. It doesn't matter what car you drive, what kind of job you have, what is your salary/grades, what do you wear. He would always wake you up by licking all over your face even if that means bearing your morning breath.

I love Scruffy, I love him so much that it actually scares me. I cannot imagine my life without him being in the picture and according to me who ever has said that a diamond is a girl best friend, never owned a dog in his/her life.

Do you own a pet? What has he/she taught you in life?

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Friday, 23 May 2014

How to: Maintain Long Distance Friendships | Lessons I learned

There would come a point in your life when you would have to maintain long distance friendships. Whether it is you who is moving away or your friend. it would be tough but if done right, it can be so worth it.

Staying away from home since the past one year made me realize a lot about friendship in general. It taught me various things:

Accept that you will lose some friends:
Every human has a limit to which he can make connections. You just can't talk to everybody and since you have a new life now, you will meet new people that will interest you and since you are going to see this new person more, you would prioritize him more.

The friends you lose will be more of your casual friends or acquaintances which is okay. You're going to make so many of them in the new city too anyways.

Realizing that you will lose some of these is the first step to let go and integrate more in the new community.

Be willing and realistic about keeping in touch with close friends:
There would not be many people you would like to stay in touch on a say to day basis but the ones you have, keep them close.

Stay connected with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or applications like Whatsapp.

Skype often.

Nothing beats a good phone call. Call your friend and gossip away.

But if you cannot receive a call, instead of rejecting, pick up and say "hi, i'm busy. I'll talk to you later." It seems more personal and do not forget to call back later.

Plan a trip once you are back in town.

Accept that your relationship would change:
Even if you are the closest of friends, you will not be able to keep each other completely caught up on your lives and that is okay. Distances never separates two hearts that cares. Some of the bigger situations in life can be forgotten and lost in the conversion. However, if you both can accept this fact and still can make the best out of the current situations, you can probably be BFF's!

What do you do to maintain long distance  friendships?

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Monday, 19 May 2014

We all start as strangers

"It is funny how two people who were once strangers can become an indispensable part of your life and all it took was that one moment which magically transformed the way you thought the earth worked."

The starting of all friendships and romantic relationships starts from two strangers who cross each others path. I like to imagine it like the two lines which intersects at some point. The lines were parallel at first, intersect each other and then goes back to their own path again. If you're lucky, the time of the intersection period is a lifetime but those are very rare cases.

The interesting thing about strangers is that we do not know what impact will they have on us: good, bad, long term, short term. We just don't know, but what I do know is when you do make room for strangers to enter in your life, it is an ADVENTURE and it is equally exciting as packing your bags and traveling the world.

It is the mystery of a new face. 

Now I do not mean to say to go out and talk to a random guy on the street or add a random stalker on Facebook. No! But yeah, you do get the point.

Looking back, it is rather amusing to realize the first meeting or the first conversation I had with the people I adore the most in my life today. You never know that this would be the turning point right? But it does and your life is never the same again.

We meet so many people in our lifetime and each and every person defines us who we are at the current moment and some are so special that they leave footprints in our heart forever. They either gives us memories or lessons that no one else could. 

Every friendship is formed because a simple "hello" paved the way.
Every goodbye is made possible because someone first said "hi".

..and always remember.

Do you have an interesting story to tell? Comment below or let me know though an e-mail! :)

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