Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lessons a dog can teach you in life

This is Scruffy, my 3-and-a-half-year-old dog who is the love of my life. He is the most adorable, cute, lovable dog in the entire universe. He is the silver lining among the darkest clouds in my life. He has also taught me lessons. He is one of my greatest teacher.

If you're willing to let them in your life, in your personal space and be a part of you personal development team, here are some things that dogs could teach you. These are the things that Scruffy taught me in all these years.

1.Be excited about everything. EVERYTHING!:
Everything is exciting from Scruffy's point of view. The postman on the door? Exciting! An old block of wood? Wow, it is a new toy. A mysterious noise coming from outside? Time to peek from the window!

In life, be excited about everything and anything. Don't miss out on opportunities. Immerse yourself in. Don't hold back. You never know what the next opportunity may bring you. Let it surprise you.

2. Live in the moment:
This is simple! Dogs do not regret about their past or worry about their future. They simply live in the moment.If we can learn how to appreciate and focus on what is happening right now, our lives would be indeed better.

3.Action speaks louder than words:
Dogs can't talk but that does not mean that they cannot communicate. The gleam in their eyes, wagging of the tail and the different types of barks are all they need to get their point across and that is all you need to know.

4.Don't take things for granted:
As humans, we often take things for granted. On the other hand, dogs seems to find joys in the smallest of things. A walk in the park, a doggy treat, belly rubs or even an old ball to play with.

5. Responsibility:
Dogs are often brought into homes to teach children responsibility and it is true. This cute little ball of fur is not a soft toy that you can play with and leave him alone. He would come back to you with his little paws, he will bark, he will pee and poo and failing to understand this would cause a disaster.

6. Loyalty:
Have you ever seen a dog trying to go home with a different owner at a park? Have you noticed that dogs always seems to cling with their own owners?

In the eyes of a dog, his/her owner is the greatest ever and he/she will never betray them.

No matter, what the owner did, good or bad. The dog always sticks by his/her side.

7. Unconditional love:
This is the most important of them all. What is better than returning from the grocery shop and feeling like a warrior coming home after a war? Dogs will love you always, unconditionally and also apologetically. It doesn't matter what car you drive, what kind of job you have, what is your salary/grades, what do you wear. He would always wake you up by licking all over your face even if that means bearing your morning breath.

I love Scruffy, I love him so much that it actually scares me. I cannot imagine my life without him being in the picture and according to me who ever has said that a diamond is a girl best friend, never owned a dog in his/her life.

Do you own a pet? What has he/she taught you in life?

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  1. Truly awesome post. If you say a person Dog he will treat you as if he will bite you. But then the person should understand the qualities of dogs...

  2. I have never had a dog of my own...lots of cats, my cats are always happy to see me come home, purring and rubbing against me, so happy to see me. Some are more independent than others but the kitty I have now is very loving and attentive.

    Sakshi, you brought up some really great points in this post, they are all so true and you wrote it so beautifully :) I love your posts :)

    1. Pets are always great! Their unconditional love for us is something we cannot beat. They always love us no matter what and we humans, need to learn that. We can get pretty heartless at times.

      I'm glad you like them. Thank you so much :)

  3. A brilliant post and so true. We have five dogs now after taking on one that was dumped and we were asked to foster her after she was spayed - but she was too sweet to let go and my son has taken on the responsibility of her.

    Dogs are great for teaching children lessons in life like responsibility and loyalty. And like you said they live in the moment and love us unconditionally. I can go around to the back of the house for five minutes and when I come back round you would think I'd been away for a month! I love, it makes me feel good.

    Scruffy looks like a dog with character and it looks like his name suits him - in a nice way of course. I hope he has a long and healthy life, our first dog lived to be 19 years old and she taught me how important having a dog in my life is.

    1. Five dogs! That seems quite a lot of responsibility. I'm happy to see your love towards dogs and that you too understand them. Not a lot people does that these days. Thank you for the wishes for Scruffy.
      Have a great weekend :)


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