Sunday, 24 August 2014

Lessons I learned in the freshman year of college


Today I complete the first week of my sophomore year. Yes, it was STRESSFUL. Do I miss the freshman year of my college? To be honest, I have bittersweet memories attached to the last year but I have grown a bit wiser and mature. Here are a few things I learned and some tips for freshers:

1. No one cares who you were in school:

Maybe you would have been the topper of your school or perhaps the queen bee but no one really cares about it except you. You're now a blank canvas and have the full control on how to paint the picture.

2. You're going to lose your old friends:

Not all of your friends from school is going to enroll in the same college as yours and while you promised to stay in touch with them irrespective of the distance, you will lose touch and ultimately lose them. People come and people go and new people would arrive in your life and you would have someone to let all your secrets out at 3 am or just watching the stars shine up in the sky while contemplating life.

3. The friends you make in the beginning might not last till the end:

You're going to meet a bunch of cool people in your first semester and this does not guarantee you that you're still going to talk to them in the semesters to come. The college campus is huge and students are much more diverse and maintaining your social life can get tough.

4. You need different kind of friends:

I have my batch friends, photography enthusiasts friends, literature lover friends, 4 am friends, roommate friends, class and/or hostel acquaintances and I have realized that you need all of them to survive. Everyone has different priorities and schedules and having a large network of diverse people to connect with can be helpful. Psttt.. sometimes even overwhelming.

5. Not everyone will like you and that is okay:

You just CANNOT please everybody. There would be times when you will offend someone by refusing an invitation but only you know how tired you get by the end of the week. There would be girls who would envy you and guys who would backbite about you just because you did turned down his romantic proposal. It's okay. At the end of the day, the one person whom you should really like is yourself. The real friendships would find their way into your life despite all the obstacles.

6. You have to learn to do your chores on your own:

Your dad is not here to wake you up early for your classes nor your mom is here who is going to take care of you while you're sick. No one will bother to care about how well you're doing or simply if you're fine or not. So stop being a princess and take responsibility of your own life.

7. Study hard and go to classes:

I have missed so many classes in the first year due to my damn too many extra circular activities. While it is good to get some professional and life experiences, not working smart enough can really affect your grades. I met so many people, got involved in so many activities that I made studying my last priority and I suffered. So involve in such things only if you can juggle your social life, work, studies and your peace of mind all at the same time.

8. You will feel homesick and lost:

Living miles away from home and out of your comfort zone where there is no one to guide you, at some point of time you will feel lost and homesick. You will miss the delicious meal cooked by your mum and bear hugs from dad and also wet kisses from your dog and it is okay. You're not alone. Everyone goes through this. Call your parents, let them know how grateful you're to have them, take a break and get back to action.

9. You will wait for weekends but not for partying:

College life seems so interesting and exciting on the big screen with parties every weekend, hooking up with some random guy on the street but welcome to real life baby. I wait for weekends because I get so exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally by the end of the week that I need a break. Most of my Sundays are spent by waking up at noon, giving myself some me time, binge eat pizzas and chocolates and reflect on the week gone by.

10. Your body and mind health is so important:

Nothing can be at peace if you aren't at peace with yourself. Start taking care of yourself. Have meals on time. Don't drink caffeine at the night of an exam. Don't pull all nighters. Just take care of yourself and do everything in your power to keep yourself happy.

The transition from high school to college is huge. You realize that the world is a cruel place to be in and humans are the worst enemies of humans. Once you step out in the real world, challenges doesn't stop coming in but it would make you better each day. The speed of your maturity will increase at a faster rate and looking back you will be a different person that what you were when you first entered college.

Gear up, these days will pass sooner than you think. one year down. Three more to go. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Nature in PICTURES

What makes you happy?

Is it the first break of dawn when you're ready to start the day?


Is it the moment when you discover the beauty of nature while strolling around?


Is it the view you see in your garden when an insect sits on a flower?


Is it the bird you see looking up at the sky screaming you to dream higher?


Is it the mother's affection you see on the streets which is not limited only to humans?


Is it the first few drops of rain while you're struck in a traffic jam?


Is it the sky that roars and shines?


Is it the view of the night sky while you try falling back to sleep ready to take the challenges of the next day?


Happy World Photography Day everyone!
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This is just a post to celebrate this day and show that nature is indeed beautiful and it can make us happy if we do look at it from an another angle. I'm an amateur photographer and all the photographs in this post are clicked by myself. Although now photography has become secondary while I blog and have my college classes, I would still love to explore more about clicking photographs. Till then, I'm really happy with my blogging world <3

Click pictures, capture memories, discover beauty!

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Cherishing the PRESENT: Lets live in the moment

We humans are weird. We tend to search and look for things that makes us rethink everything about life and then lose our moment of happiness. One such reason is longing for the past or being afraid of the future.

We have quite forgotten how to live in the present without letting our mind drift off to an another time frame.

I was struggling with this right now before it struck me and I decided writing it. I was constantly being reminded by my brain that I'm leaving for college next week. Hence I was wasting the one week I already have also which is inevitable by focusing on what the future holds for me rather than enjoying and cherishing these days.

We tend to look back and yearn for the days gone by, trying to get one last chance to say or do things that we haven't while we had the chance. We go into nostalgia and reminisce. We replay all the scenes in our head and think about what could have we said or done if you were there now.

We get so caught up in the past because we did not allow to live those pasts when they were our presents. 

We also seem to look and figure out what lies ahead of us, the future. We're scared of what it holds for us.  The worst part of living in the past or the future is that we lose the power of controlling the present and creating the future. We lose the ability to create the future that we have been stressing over. The past is gone, the future hasn't arrived yet. The only place where we could take an action is the present.

If you aren't living in the moment, you're living an illusion.

Living in the moment means doing or feeling or seeing something what is right in front of you, in your surroundings. The most important thing is to let yourself experience everything, the good, the bad and the ugly and once you have experience it, you let it pass. We must feel the presence of the moment otherwise it will haunt us and would make us live life with regrets.

Lets live in the current frame of time and feel the cool breeze and smell the fragrant flowers because what is life full of care if you have no time to stand and stare.

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Friday, 8 August 2014

The masks we all wear

We wear it when we are out with people to be acceptable and loved in the society.

We wear it among our loved ones because we don't want to hurt them.

We change it all the time according to the situations.

Our Facebook profiles tell others that we are happier than we actually are.
Our Twitter feed tells that we are smarter and funnier than we are.
Our Instagram pictures makes us seem flawless but we aren't perfect.

We're humans. We have flaws. We have our opinions.

It's the masks we wear that conceals our true identity in front of others.

How much I would like to say "Stop trying to hit on me, I'm not going out with you."


"Would you actually stop acting sweet? I'm not interested in you"


"You did not listen to me what I told you the other day, now face the consequences."


"The dish you cooked was horrible"


"I don't like spending time with you. Stop messaging me!"


"I'm not fine. Please stay with me and listen to what I have to say" and stop faking a smile.

but I don't. We all don't. Partially because we try to fit in the crowd and mostly because we don't want to hurt their feelings. So we keep lying, keep trying to convince people that we have the same interest and keep trying to portray the best version of ourselves. We keep them away from the judgement of ourselves.

Most of the times we won't even realize the mask is there.

Who are you when no one is watching? Does your private and public personas match?

Should we take it off?

You wear masks. I wear masks. We all wear masks at some point of time. The question arises is when should we take off our masks?

Imagine there are two people, Lisa and Matthew who are in a relationship. They have been wearing masks all the time in front of each other to please the other one. Do you think they have fallen in love with the other half actual self?  It's a lie.

Now what if, one cheated on the other?

The betrayal hurts because he/she cheated. It hurts more because you couldn't believe the person had an unknown face that you had never seen. It hurts more because the mask has finally come off.

We all need someone who could accept and love the way we are with our naked soul...

...and that is why I strongly believe we shouldn't wear it with the people we love.

It will someday.

The mask would come off.

It's hard to run away from our inner self time and again. To run away and live in the shadows.

In the end we all yearn to be accepted and love for who we are.


Which mask are you wearing right now?

What are you hiding?

I want to know you and I want you to know me too.

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Monday, 4 August 2014

Are you living a MEDIOCRE life?

Life is too beautiful and short to be lived in mediocrity.

"How're you?", I ask.

"Alright" or "good" is the answer I get almost 95 % of the time.

You must be thinking what would I reply to this question, right?

Why don't you ask me once and figure it out?  ;)

A lot of people live their lives in mediocrity. They know they can do better, that they can live their lives doing what they love, what they desire but are either too comfortable in their own zone or are scared of the change.

Are you one of them?

This is for the people who are:

You hide feelings because you're scared of rejection. You don't want to say it's over because you're afraid of the reaction it will cause. You don't become an artist because you don't find it a stable career enough. You don't talk to the new person in the club because you might be considered as weird.

So you're the one silent guy/girl who stands there in the party while the others dance their hearts out. "I'm not a good dancer", you say. You don't have a best friend because you did not allow anyone to come inside your bubble. You did not fall in love because you were too afraid to. You did not say him/her that its hurting you because you're scared to lose him/her. You spend your weekends staring at the computer screen on Facebook news feed scrolling, judging people by their photographs and posts and not posting anything on your own because you're scared, scared of being judged the same way like you judged them. You did not take a new opportunity because you did not think you could do it. You did not travel to a whole new country alone because you just freaking don't wanna leave your comfort zone....

.....and you have just spent your entire life by playing safe, suppressing feelings and being afraid. Mediocre is the word that will define your life.

Do you really want to live such a life?

Don't you want to be spontaneous, happy and feel like you have lived a fulfilled life?

I have been thinking about taking chances and overcoming fears and if you have taken up one, no matter how it ends up, you're gonna be glad you took it. You live for yourself, not to please anyone.

So go ahead. Take chances. Take risks. You're the youngest right now than you will ever be

and you have the power at any given time to decide what your future looks like.

Get out of your comfort zone NOW!

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