Monday, 4 August 2014

Are you living a MEDIOCRE life?

Life is too beautiful and short to be lived in mediocrity.

"How're you?", I ask.

"Alright" or "good" is the answer I get almost 95 % of the time.

You must be thinking what would I reply to this question, right?

Why don't you ask me once and figure it out?  ;)

A lot of people live their lives in mediocrity. They know they can do better, that they can live their lives doing what they love, what they desire but are either too comfortable in their own zone or are scared of the change.

Are you one of them?

This is for the people who are:

You hide feelings because you're scared of rejection. You don't want to say it's over because you're afraid of the reaction it will cause. You don't become an artist because you don't find it a stable career enough. You don't talk to the new person in the club because you might be considered as weird.

So you're the one silent guy/girl who stands there in the party while the others dance their hearts out. "I'm not a good dancer", you say. You don't have a best friend because you did not allow anyone to come inside your bubble. You did not fall in love because you were too afraid to. You did not say him/her that its hurting you because you're scared to lose him/her. You spend your weekends staring at the computer screen on Facebook news feed scrolling, judging people by their photographs and posts and not posting anything on your own because you're scared, scared of being judged the same way like you judged them. You did not take a new opportunity because you did not think you could do it. You did not travel to a whole new country alone because you just freaking don't wanna leave your comfort zone....

.....and you have just spent your entire life by playing safe, suppressing feelings and being afraid. Mediocre is the word that will define your life.

Do you really want to live such a life?

Don't you want to be spontaneous, happy and feel like you have lived a fulfilled life?

I have been thinking about taking chances and overcoming fears and if you have taken up one, no matter how it ends up, you're gonna be glad you took it. You live for yourself, not to please anyone.

So go ahead. Take chances. Take risks. You're the youngest right now than you will ever be

and you have the power at any given time to decide what your future looks like.

Get out of your comfort zone NOW!

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  1. looks like i am one of them,hah!hah!

  2. This is so inspiring. Keep it up.

  3. Well I wouldn't say such shy, and closed up people are mediocre....they have dreams and aspirations, but are to scared to carry them out.
    I would say that they lives less than mediocre.....theyre not happy about it themselves.
    But amazing post :)

    1. I nowhere said that those kinda people are mediocre but yeah they do live their life in mediocrity. This post is written to motivate them, a bit on my part to inspire and live the life they want to. I was that kind of girl too not so long before but if I can change, people surely can too.

      Thanks :)

  4. I love your work. It is truly inspiring. People should really wake up and start living a fabulous life. It is hard to break free from all the limitations but it is not impossible and it is absolutely worth it! I believe we all have unlimited potential, we just need to not be afraid.

  5. This is great Sakshi... as always :)

    I am trying to find someone to go zipling with this summer and I am going to complete two courses so I finally have that degree.I agree you sometimes need to just get up and go and explore, they turn out to be great times :)

    1. That is one adventure. I wish you all the best! Have fun ;)

  6. I am not! But the world is pulling me down to become one!! Trying hard to sustain the spark :)

    1. Stay strong! Don't let the society drag you down :)

  7. I have broken my comfort bubble and continue to find new ways to do so everyday. Now I try to get others to as well.

  8. Love it! Completely agree. Life is too short not to be lived fully

  9. I'm getting there :)

    Thanks for linking up to Teach Me Tuesday last week. You are very much appreciated!! Hope to see you again this week!

    Have a great week!


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