Friday, 8 August 2014

The masks we all wear

We wear it when we are out with people to be acceptable and loved in the society.

We wear it among our loved ones because we don't want to hurt them.

We change it all the time according to the situations.

Our Facebook profiles tell others that we are happier than we actually are.
Our Twitter feed tells that we are smarter and funnier than we are.
Our Instagram pictures makes us seem flawless but we aren't perfect.

We're humans. We have flaws. We have our opinions.

It's the masks we wear that conceals our true identity in front of others.

How much I would like to say "Stop trying to hit on me, I'm not going out with you."


"Would you actually stop acting sweet? I'm not interested in you"


"You did not listen to me what I told you the other day, now face the consequences."


"The dish you cooked was horrible"


"I don't like spending time with you. Stop messaging me!"


"I'm not fine. Please stay with me and listen to what I have to say" and stop faking a smile.

but I don't. We all don't. Partially because we try to fit in the crowd and mostly because we don't want to hurt their feelings. So we keep lying, keep trying to convince people that we have the same interest and keep trying to portray the best version of ourselves. We keep them away from the judgement of ourselves.

Most of the times we won't even realize the mask is there.

Who are you when no one is watching? Does your private and public personas match?

Should we take it off?

You wear masks. I wear masks. We all wear masks at some point of time. The question arises is when should we take off our masks?

Imagine there are two people, Lisa and Matthew who are in a relationship. They have been wearing masks all the time in front of each other to please the other one. Do you think they have fallen in love with the other half actual self?  It's a lie.

Now what if, one cheated on the other?

The betrayal hurts because he/she cheated. It hurts more because you couldn't believe the person had an unknown face that you had never seen. It hurts more because the mask has finally come off.

We all need someone who could accept and love the way we are with our naked soul...

...and that is why I strongly believe we shouldn't wear it with the people we love.

It will someday.

The mask would come off.

It's hard to run away from our inner self time and again. To run away and live in the shadows.

In the end we all yearn to be accepted and love for who we are.


Which mask are you wearing right now?

What are you hiding?

I want to know you and I want you to know me too.

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  1. I took my mask off for David... completely. I was sure he was the one, I won't take the mask off so easily in the future. You are right though, If you are truly going to love someone with your heart... you have to take the mask off... and trust them, otherwise you have nothing...

    1. Once you suffer a heart break, it's tough to trust and love anyone back for a long time but it will pass. Time heals everything :)

  2. Princess, it is always a pleasure. A seeker of truth I am. Eye-opening.

  3. I think we have to wear masks because otherwise we become vulnerable. I don't think taking it off is it for anyone.

    1. It is definitely not. You can't take out the masks without taking a little bit of skin but it is important at least for the people who love you and for those whom you love.

  4. Nicely done and understood on a personal level. Also, Thanks for the comment on my post.Appreciated :)

  5. You make a very good point in your post. Yes, we all wear masks because that's what we learned...we do what is socially acceptable. I personally dislike these unwritten rules. I am not saying we should be rude to one another but we should always speak our mind even if it somewhat offends the other person. Diplomacy is a good thing but being fake is not. I always try to tell the truth but in a nice way...because I know the cold hard truth is hard to hear sometimes :D

  6. The social media analogies were really good :) (Startlingly accurate)
    We all have masks, I think of it more as a parka actually: a thick coat of what we want others to perceive of us.
    But what fun would it be if we all have our souls written in our face? We hide our souls because they are pure, and want only the right person to come along, and take the time, to coax us to take off our masks, and see our secret souls.
    I hide my soul not only because I'm scared, but because it is precious..

  7. I wear masks before everyone else except the ones I truly trust. I think masks r nothing but protection from getting hurt.

    I liked this one..a lot :)

  8. 100% agree to your post. Very well written. And ya, it is rather a very difficult job to take off the mask for anyone because people don't like to be offended. Same goes for us too...We won't like to be offended and told straight to our faces if we are annoying someone we consider a friend. In life, we all are hypocrites, however I think a person would be very lucky if he/she finds someone in front of whom he can take off the mask and just be what he/she is.

    1. I agree with you. A very nice point added :)


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