Friday, 24 October 2014

Are emoticons replacing emotions?

I just received a text from my dorm mate who lives next to my room asking me if I will go for dinner in the mess.

I also received a happy birthday text from my cousin at 12 on my birthday this year.

and this my dear friend does not amuse me.

Lets be honest for a minute or until you have read this post. How many of us sends birthday wishes or festive greetings on Facebook, text message or whatsapp? Most importantly, how many of us use mobile phones or a laptop to communicate with the people in the same house? Now that is insane!

Sometimes there are good reasons to use this method of communication. If you text or email, you have a better chance of remembering to perform a certain task and whose face doesn't light up when they can re-read those mushy conversation with their loved one time and again? but there are somethings that you need to talk face-to-face and we simply don't.

Are we being too addicted with the social media?

If we are then we are totally missing the point of why they were created in the first place.

However we may deny it,nothing can replace a verbal communication than a nor verbal one. But why are we running away from real conversation? Why do we tend to take the easier way out and text someone rather than calling them or meeting them?

I think it is partly because of the busy life everyone has these days or they like to call themselves busy, that is. It is much easier to text a message than call and have to make a small talk.

It is easier to reply to a message than a phone call.

We don't want to invest our time to have a proper heart to heart talk with our loved ones and instead exchange a line or two than participate in a meaningful debate.

While this is easier, we tend to miss out on so many things than we realize. The warmth, the conversation, it all goes so deep from here.

"We are creating a world that is replacing emotions with emoticons"

The next time you want to tell someone something. Stop! Don't whatsapp him/her. Pick up the phone and call.

Sometimes it is better to hear a human voice rather than the ping of the phone.

Sometimes it is better to hear the laugh of someone rather than see a yellow face who seems to laugh in the text message as an emoticon.

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Dreams won't come true unless you WORK

When you listen to a motivational speech or read a self-help book, you would often find phrases like -

"Follow your dreams"

"Dream big"

"Don't stop dreaming until it comes true"

I find these sentences incomplete. I strongly believe that "Dreams won't work unless you do". Most of us get so busy in dreaming our future lives that we often forget that we would have to work hard to achieve what we are dreaming about.

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming?

Lets be honest here for a minute,

Do you just make plans for the future?


Bring those plans into action to reach one step closer to your goal?

Most importantly are you a DREAMER or a DO-ER?

The dreamers stare at the sky busy creating their future plans and goals while wearing rosy tinted glasses. They talk about it endlessly, with their best friend or their mother and make vision boards which makes them feel good about themselves.

While this helps in keeping people on track and remind them back and again about their goals when things go downhill, they become so occupied in their own world  that they fail to realize : "dreams don't come true just because you dream them."

You have to get your lazy ass out of your bed and your mind away from wandering again. You need to work hard and not get carried away again. You need to know the importance of time and forget what procrastination is.

Because while you're here making your vision board as pretty as possible and then watching T.V because you feel that you're now tired of too much work, there is someone out there in the world who is working that extra hour to improve on their skills.

Because while you're here laying down on the grass spending hours contemplating life, there is someone who is burning the midnight oil and working hard.

Because while you're here bragging about your goals to your mates in the bar and sipping cocktails, there is someone who is having a productive conversation and increasing their network.

I'll ask you the same question yet again: Are you a dreamer or a doer? 

It's hard work that creates change. It's the hard work that make things happen.

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

An open letter to my father on his birthday

Today on your birthday, I take this opportunity to write a letter to you and express how much I truly love you although i may not be able to express all of my  emotions into words.

You have always narrated me the stories of how you and mom used to sit at the extreme corners of the bed while teaching me  to walk.

 Maybe that is when I should start the journey with? or maybe the photograph that is currently flashing before my eyes of you and I on the hospital bed just when I was born, where you look handsome as always and I look like a deformed potato.

It has almost been 19 years since I have known you. A father is said to be the first man in a daughters life, the first man to show her what love is. He is her superhero, her king. He makes a huge impact on her daughters life and i'm thankful that you made a positive one on mine.

Image courtesy: Pascal Campion
From teaching me how to walk, to teaching me how to deal with life, you have always taught me how to stand on my feet. You not only protected me but also taught me how to defend myself when you're not around although I'm still in my learning process. I fail to imagine a life without you. This is something no matter how much I mature, won't change.

You have always been there whenever I needed you or even when I don't. You always stood besides me, smiling proudly and making me feel good about myself. You were always there as a father, as a best friend with whom I can confide almost everything- my fears, my mistakes, my successes, my failures and you always listened and guided me while dancing in my joys and being a pillar of support in my hard times.

You were the one who introduced me into the world of books, one book at a time. Making reading a habit. While at first you brought books for me according to my age, I slowly started developing my own taste and style and got into the world of literature which ultimately brings me here in the world of blogging where too you have been my constant motivator and as well as a critic.

You have absolutely no idea how much I appreciate the life lessons you teach me on our road trips or how much I value it. You also have no idea how grateful I'm to have a father like you and my feelings of love for you is practically immeasurable.

As much as I want to thank you, I also want to apologize. I know I have been tough to handle. I have snapped back at you on various occasions but trust me I never wanted to hurt you. I always want to make you proud. Whether it is my small achievements, my academic performances, me as a human or doing something BIG in life. I want you to be present in of this.

Tears roll down my cheeks as I write this tonight.I hope you understand how important you are to me and how much I love you. To the infinity and beyond, but even that would be a smaller term to define.

I'll wait for you to correct my mistakes before you hug me. I know you will.

Happy Birthday pavazui.

I'll always be your little princess.

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Positivity And Gratitude

I clicked this photograph a couple of hours back. When I transferred this photograph from my camera to my laptop, I had a chance to look at it more closely and what I realized was something unexpected. Since then when ever I see this photograph, it fills me with a deeper sense of bliss and gratitude.

 I feel blessed and content which in turn makes me a positive and a happier person.

I reached back home last night after 1.5 months away in the university and I'm the happiest being on this planet right now to finally be back home even if it is for a week. It is a huge sigh of relief. I was terribly home sick and craved the food that my mother makes. 

Have you felt this intense feeling of home sickness?

Talking about gratitude, in this photograph, there are books and my dog Scruffy, both of them are something that I love and it just made me realize how grateful I'm to have such things in life.

Then I looked at my life and saw all the wonderful things happening around me which go unnoticed because I look at the negative aspects. I then made a list of the things that i'm grateful of:

1. My parents who love me so much and I'm so blessed to have them. Who put me before anything else and how their life and mood completely depends on my life. The amount of sacrifice they do just because of me is incredible. I don't really know how would I ever be able to repay them back. I guess, there is just no comparison.

2. My amazing dog Scruffy whom I love to bits. The way he welcomes me to his kisses and cuddles. It is a true saying- "No one can love you the way a dog does."

3. I used to rant about how my phone doesn't stop ringing. I have deactivated accounts, blocked people, ignored messages and calls but who gets this amount of love? I don't understand why wasn't I allowing people to love me? They like me and care for me and here I was , not responding to their messages. I'm grateful for the amount of love I receive from my fellow mates.

4. My home, my room, my space, my belongings. The ability to call a place my own even though I live in a dorm most of the time. At least I know that miles away, there is my home where my family is waiting for me to make them proud.

....and the list goes on. Writing this has made me emotional and maybe I should stop as of now.

But you have to remember that there is something good always happening in your life and there would be always something that you're thankful for. You just need to look it at from an another point of view.

What are you grateful for today? :)

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