Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Flash Fiction : Young Love

They both were lost in the crowded street of this familiar city - The Bazaar.Wandering aimlessly like young teenagers on the streets, they spent hours walking across the yelling shop vendors, inhaling the aroma of freshly ripen fruits and taking in the essence of the history of the bygone era.They saw a wide road ahead of them buzzing with traffic. 

He took her hand and interlocked her fingers firmly with his and walked down the road. She could feel the adrenaline in the veins under her skin. It was a little more of a PDA that she wasn't used to but she didn't pull away. It felt just so right, she felt so safe, so loved that now she believed that their force was enough to conquer the world.

It struck her like a bolt of lightning that he was the person that she could hold hands in public and the crowd won't matter to him. That he was the person who would crack funny jokes to make her laugh. That he was the person you could rest your head on his shoulder when she was tired. That he was the person who won't care about him but her.

But she couldn't stay in her fairy tale for long. She woke up with the sunlight radiating on her face with smeared makeup. Such a vivid dream, it was. Or was it?

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