Tuesday, 26 May 2015

What I learned in my last road trip

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On my last road trip, I remember being afraid.

Being afraid of going out in the wild midst the localities and talk to the people, experience the culture, click creative photographs and shoot videos.

The way the kept staring at me while I tried to do any of the things made me uncomfortable. I froze and found myself going into panic mode. I couldn't do any of it and missed the opportunity.

Everyday, I dream of travelling and experiencing new things and when I got a chance, I couldn't because I was afraid of what others might think? Others who don't even know me. I could have handled the situation and make the most out of it but I didn't.

It hit me quite hard, more than a week later.

This is just an example on how we want so many things in life but miss the opportunity because of our fear of moving out of the comfort zone.

I could have acted confident, be confident and do what I was doing. Doing what I love. But, I became timid and went back into my shell. 

"Practice what you preach, Sakshi", I told to myself.

Since then, I have held my camera closer and never miss any opportunity to shoot and preserve the beautiful scenes, I witness. In fact, photography was the thing I stuck to when I couldn't blog and now I'm ecstatic to be able to do both the things I love.

I want to share some of my favorite photographs with you all :)

Draw the rainbow
After the storm

After that incident, I ask this question to myself everyday,

Everything that I want is on the other side of the fear but am I willing to get it?

It really helps me to get out of my comfort zone and kick ass.

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  1. Yay Sakshi you are back... this is a timely post, I wrote on recently about getting out of our own way and soaring.... I think wr all hide too much whe we were meant to shine... amazing post girl and welcome back ♡♡♡ xox

    1. You are always so sweet Launna <3
      I agree with you, but I guess we all need to break before we shine just like a glowstick :)


    Still saving up for my camera :/

    Staring is something we HAVE to deal with in India because we think it is okay to stare, that it is not impolite to keep staring.

    1. That pencil is <3 _ <3

      It feels nice you know, when someone can relate. Thanks.

  3. Roadtrips are fun, aren't they?

    xoxo Morning

  4. I love road trips and travelling. I do find myself a little afraid in a foreign place sometimes, but once we admire the beauty of just exploring something we haven't experienced before and venturing into the unknown, I suppose the curiosity might override the fear of seeing something new too. Those are beautiful photographs. Hope you enjoyed the road trip. :)

    1. This is the beauty of travelling, we share mutual feelings about this. Thank you Dian, I surely did. I can't wait to go and travel some more :)

  5. totally relate to this thing , hate it when this thought creeps into mind that what people will think. And absolutely love your photos. especially the sunset one <3



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