Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Is the grass greener on the other side?

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"You have such an amazing life. I wish I could be like you."

I have heard so many people saying this to me since the last one year that it is insane to even think how much people misjudge people.

Why is it that everyone thinks that the other person is happier or has less problems than them?

Why is the grass always greener on the other side?

Is it the manure of the hard work

or the sunshine of luck?


Or maybe the grass is of the same color and you're just blinded with self-pity.

Humans are never satisfied with what they have. They constantly peek into the other person lives and assume that they have the brighter side. They would constantly stalk their old friends on Facebook and look at the life of others which would make you question yourself on how they are leading a successful life while having fun where as you're spending your Saturday night in your PJs eating cold Pizza and stalking them.

You can see the flaws very clearly standing in your own garden but it is very difficult to see the rough brown patches of the other garden from here. No one has a perfect life. It might seem so to an outsider but once you go there and introspect in detail, you'll realize that it is far from what you thought it was.

You have no idea what happens behind those fences. We all wear masks and some people are really good at wearing them than others. We don't want to show the society how hard it is and how unhappy we are. Instead we show them the tiny happy bits of our lives and magnify it to a large extend which other people acknowledge as more happier and successful.

But even if they're successful and happy, you shouldn't be jealous because in this process we often forget how much amount of effort they might have taken to get there.  Haven't we all? Look back and see how far you have come in life and so did they. Calling them lucky is no justification because luck only favors those who work hard.

Good things don't come to those who wait, you have to go and earn it.

So instead of checking out your neighbors garden, work out on yours.

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