Thank you! <3

These achievements means a great deal to me. It is my motivation. I'm grateful.

Dated: 25.01.2014
Post:  Riding a wild horse
Blogadda: Spicy Saturday Picks 

Dated: 22.04.2014
Post: How it feels: Falling in love for the second time
Blogadda: Tangy Tuesday Picks

Dated: 05.06.2014
From Anya at theLEGEND

Dated: 07.06.2014
Post: A day without my cell phone
Blogadda: Spicy Saturday Picks

Dated: 02.08.2014
Post: Sleepless Nights: When your mind is racing with thoughts
Blogadda: Spicy Saturday Picks

Dated: 19.08.2014
From Fernie at Blossom and Glitter

Dated: 28.08.2014
From Anisah at Anisah's How To Be A Wiz-Kid

Spicy Saturday
Dated: 04.10.2014
Post: An open letter to my father on his birthday
Blogadda: Spicy Saturday Picks

Dated: 14.10.2014
Post: Dreams won't come true unless you WORK
Blogadda: Tangy Tuesday Picks

Second prize!
Dated: 14.10.2014

Post: An open letter to my father on his birthday!
Blogadda: Best Blogpost of 2014!

Dated: 21.01.2015
From Lauren at itslaurenelizabeth

Dated: 24.01.2015
From Rachel at Everything Sparkles

Dated: 06.03.2015
From Vineeth at The Lousy Design

Dated: 22.04.2015
From Jess at Mirth Box

Dated: 08.06.2015

Dated: 11.06.2015
From billgladstone at Au Contraire

Dated: 27-06-2015

Dated: 07-01-2017

Dated: 15.08.2017
From Juliette at For The Sake of Good Taste

Nominated for the IB Awards 2017
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  1. Congrats!! You write awesome!! Keep it up!!

  2. you deserve the liebster award sakshi! will you answer my questions

  3. Was just going through random blogs and then it happened. I was struck by this amazing ray of sunshine and it filled me with all the hope and happiness there is. Wanted to write this for the last few months but just the lazy guy inside me held these words back. Have become a fan of your writing and your versatility. Keep up the good work! All the best! :) ;)


Capture some sunshine *winks*

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